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Signs your home’s air conditioner may need service

AC unit blowing warm air

Your home’s AC system has one job. If it’s not blowing cool air then it may need attention. Just make sure your thermostat is set properly. If it is, and it is still not keeping up with the warmer temperatures, let’s take a look.

Turning on and off (cycling quickly)

If you notice that your air conditioning unit is turning on and then quickly shutting off, then your AC system is probably not running as efficiently as it could be. The most common causes are airflow or thermostat problems. However, it could be something else, and a diagnostic service visit is needed.

Won’t turn on

If your home’s AC won’t turn on, and you’ve checked the thermostat and the power to the system, then it’s time to give us a call. We are standing by to help you stay comfortable all season long.

Weak airflow

Could you not blow it off? If you’re not getting strong airflow from your vents, the problem could be a fan belt or motor. This has a big impact on your home’s comfort and can shorten the life of your system. A service visit from our technicians can help you get your system running efficiently again.

Water leaks or moisture

If you notice pooling water or leaks around the floor near your air conditioning unit, then your system needs service. Condensation is a normal part of the air cooling process but it should be draining through the unit’s built-in draining system. A leak can cause damage to your home, so let us service your unit and make sure it’s set up properly.

Loud or strange noises

A bang. A scrape. A red flag. If your furnace is making loud or unusual sounds, it could be a good indicator of an issue with a component critical to its performance. Don’t overlook this warning sign that could save you hundreds in repairs.