Air Conditioner Maintenance in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio

Worry-free cooling starts with maintenance. Let us help keep you comfortable all summer long.

Air Conditioner Maintenance services include:

Remove dust build-up & clean

We will thoroughly inspect and clean your AC unit to make sure it is working safely and properly.

Clean your condenser coils

The heat exchanger is a vital part of your furnace. We’ll make sure there are no cracks that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks or a potential fire risk.

Monitor airflow and blower operation

Airflow is crucial for proper air conditioner operation and your home’s comfort. We’ll make sure your air is blowing as strong as it can.

Check and correct loose connections

Our tech inspects your appliance’s electrical connections and makes sure its wiring is safe and properly secured.

Check for rust, damage, or unusual wear

A system-wide inspection will help identify issues that could impact your home’s comfort as temperatures climb.

Clear condensate drain

Your AC system is designed to collect and drain the moisture that builds up naturally during the cooling process. Keeping the drain system clear and working properly protects against costly water leaks and damage.