We now offer 4 options designed to help your whole home stay safe & efficient year-round. Enjoy the comfort of peace of mind that home maintenance brings.

Choose a Bryant Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric Home Care Plan that fits your needs.

It’s important to maintain your systems. Our choice of Home Care Plans ensures that your home and its HVAC, plumbing, and/or electrical systems are checked and maintained properly. Become a Bryant Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric Home Care Plan Member today to help avoid trouble later.

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  • Prolong your equipment life
  • Not only will a routine checkup help prevent poorly timed breakdowns, but it can also prolong the life of your equipment. This can reduce the overall lifetime cost of your heating and cooling needs.

  • Maximize safety
  • A regular checkup assures that your equipment operates safely by potentially spotting problems before they occur.

  • Reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Routine maintenance can pay for itself. By cleaning and calibrating your equipment regularly, you may use less energy, keeping your energy bills in check.

  • Save 15% on all repairs
  • Keep in mind that maintaining your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems goes far to fend off costly repair expenses. In the event you need repairs, members save 15% on repair services. The damage to your home from electrical fires or floods due to plumbing system failures can end up being much more costly than out-of-pocket expenses for routine checkups and maintenance procedures.

Bryant Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric Whole Home Care Plan

Retail Value $620


100% Service Guarantee

As a family-owned business, we stand behind our work with every visit to your home.

Plans are transferable

Memberships can transfer to your new home or your current home’s new owner.

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We also offer plans to fit your specific needs.

$9.99 Per Month

Electrical Maintenance Plan


  • Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Save 15% on Electrical Repairs
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Annual Safety Check-Up

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$9.99 Per Month

Plumbing Maintenance Plan


  • Plumbing Safety Inspection
  • Save 15% on Plumbing Repairs
  • Priority Scheduling

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$19.99 Per Month

HVAC Maintenance Plan


  • 26-Point Precision Inspection
  • HVAC Tune-Ups (2 per year)
  • Energy Saving Analysis
  • Save 15% on HVAC Repairs
  • Priority Scheduling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is a 12-month contract that will auto-renew and may be canceled at any time with a 30-day written notice. One month’s advance payment is required. Subject to cancellation fee which would be the membership savings received and/or any billing cycle payments needed to match the services used. Restrictions on eligible service repair discounts may apply, contact us for more info.

Bryant Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric Maintenance Plan includes coverage and services for one system. A system consists of one thermostat, one air conditioner, and one furnace. Added systems or accessories may incur additional charges.

Monthly costs for all plans shown reflect enrollment in auto-renewal. One-time annual payments are accepted cost of $275.00 for the Heating & Cooling plans, and $150 for the Electrical and Plumbing plans. We try to make it as flexible as possible for our customers, so we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for auto-renewal. We also accept checks for one-time annual payment options.

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