Heat Pump Maintenance in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio

Worry-free home comfort starts with maintenance. Let us help keep you comfortable and efficient all year long.

Maintenance services include:

Checking refrigerant levels

Heat pumps rely on refrigerant to facilitate the exchange of heat throughout the system. If your refrigerant levels get low, it can impact your system’s performance or cause permanent damage. If your system is iced up, call us today.

Monitor airflow and blower operation

Proper airflow is crucial for proper heat pump operation whether it’s heating or cooling your home. If your vents aren’t blowing air the way they once did, call us.

Gas Valve Inspection

Our tech will check the gas valve to make sure your fuel supply is allowing your furnace to heat safely.

Check for rust, damage, or unusual wear

A system-wide inspection will help identify issues that could impact your home’s comfort.