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Reasons to consider a new heat pump

Energy Efficiency

Today’s heat pumps are more efficient than ever. Federal standards for efficiency require new models to be much more efficient than older versions. It now takes significantly less energy to heat and cool your home than older units.

Better Performance

With changing technology, we can now enjoy better comfort and stronger performance for your home’s heat pumps through advancements such as variable speed motors and 2-stage compressors.


Older heat pumps require more maintenance than newer, modern units. If parts are difficult to find for your unit, or you are finding that your heat pump can’t be trusted to maintain your home’s comfort when you need it, then you may want to decide on a new installation.

Cleaner air

Air circulation and better filtration throughout your house allow your HVAC filter to catch more dust particles and indoor allergens. Variable speed motors on new heat pumps allow for more precise control of airflow and more consistent circulation.