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Reasons to consider a new Air Conditioner

Energy Efficiency

An older AC unit is going to cost more to operate than newer units. Even if it’s been well maintained, it could be costing you more each month in your energy bills than a modern air conditioner. Better energy efficiency means you are generating more cool air for less!

Better Performance

Do you hear your AC unit running all the time, but your living space isn’t as comfortable as you’d like? Do you check the thermostat, wondering why it feels warm in your house? There comes a time when a house’s AC system can lose the ability to keep the space comfortable. If that’s the case for you this summer, it may be time to consider a new air conditioner.


Older AC systems require more maintenance than newer, modern units. There are ways to keep your AC running as smoothly as possible and maximize its uptime, our maintenance club may be a perfect solution for you. However, if parts are difficult to find for your unit, or you are finding that your cooling can’t be trusted to maintain your home’s comfort when you need it, then you may want to decide on a new installation.