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When should you call a plumber for your water heater?

If you are concerned with your water heater, here's some things to look for:


If you see water on the floor or dripping water from supply lines, the tank itself, or the outlet lines, its time to call a professional plumber for inspection and service of your plumbing system.


Inspect the pipes and the water heater unit. If you notice any corrosion or build up of scale or deposits on the outside of your home's hot water system then could be a sign of a leak or an impending problem.

Signs your water heater may need service

No Hot Water

If you turn the faucet to hot, but never feel it heat up, then your hot water heater may not be working at all. Check to make sure the circuits are on and its getting power/fuel. If so, you need a professional.

Water Temperature Not Warm Enough

Does your faucet, shower or tub not get hot enough throughout the duration of a shower or while cleaning the dishes? If your hot water heater isn't sending hot enough water then it could be a fix that a plumber could repair. Stop putting up with lukewarm water and get comfortable today.

Won't Turn On

If your water heater won't turn on, and you've checked the thermostat and the power to the unit, then its time to give us a call. Our professional plumbers can help diagnose the issue.

Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly?

If your hot water heater can't seem to produce enough hot water to serve your home's needs on a regular basis then you could benefit from a professional inspection. It could be as simple as a setting on the water or signs of an impending failure.

Loud or Strange Noises

Hot water heaters can make noise, but if your hot water system is making loud or unusual sounds, it could be a good indicator that there is an issue with a component that is critical to its performance. Don't overlook this warning sign that could save you hundreds in repairs.

Burning or Gas Smell

Older water heaters are prone to leaks, sediment build up or inefficient use of fuel. This unspent fuel could be what your smelling. It also could be venting improperly. If you are concerned by something you smell, contact us immediately.

Leaking Water

You should never see water puddling or dripping from your water heater, the supply lines or the outlet pipes coming from your unit. If you see water, even a small amount, it's time to call a professional. Don't wait.

Rust Colored or Brown Water

when you fill up the sink or tub, is the water discolored or rusty? It could be coming from your water heater. Sediment can build up in water heaters and needs to be flushed regularly. Certain parts inside your system can also rust and need replacing to extend the life of your home's water heater.

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Do You Need Water Heater Repair or a Water Heater Replacement?

If you find yourself investing in frequent repairs, dealing with constant breakdowns, or if your energy bill is rising due to an inefficient unit, it may be time to forgo repairs and consider a new water heater installation. If your water heater is between 10-15 years old, it could be losing efficiency. Replacing it, at this point, will save you money and hassle in the long run.

Bryant Plumbing will help you decide if you need a water heater repair or a water heater replacement. We can install your new water heater, whether you need an electric water heater or a gas water heater.

Considering a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters connect directly to your plumbing and work via a series of high-efficiency heating elements that heat the water as it passes through. This allows you to enjoy access to unlimited hot water. Tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional hot water heaters, which will result in a lower energy bill.

For many homeowners, the added space in your home by eliminating the need for a hot water tank can get put to use. Fewer components result in fewer tankless water heater repair appointments and less frequent replacements.

Bryant Plumbing can handle your tankless water heater installation, so call today to schedule your appointment!

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