Plumbing drains provide an important purpose with regard to how your home functions. It’s common for drains to experience issues, especially if you neglect your plumbing system. Professionals recommend that you have your plumbing inspected once per year, with service appointments being scheduled as needed. Avoid fixing drain issues yourself. If done incorrectly, this can lead to water damage and more extensive issues. Let’s consider some of the different drain issues that require a professional.

1. Clogs in Your Drains

A clogged drain can be caused by several things, such as hair, dirt, debris, food grease, etc. Sometimes, it’s a combination of things that have built up over time. When water is obstructed by a clog, this can lead to leaks and pipes bursting. It’s not uncommon for a plunger to do the trick when it comes to a simple clog, but a professional should be called if that method doesn’t work. A plumber will use specialized tools, like a drain snake, to remove the clog. For larger clogs, hydro-jetting and video inspections are also beneficial. If any damage to other pipes has occurred, this should be addressed during the same appointment.

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners in your drains if you suspect a clog. These products are generally very unsafe and can lead to the breakdown of your plumbing. If you have drains that are frequently clogging, a professional can help you determine ways to prevent this problem in the future. Sometimes, a simple gadget like a drain trap can prevent debris from going down your drains. Use septic-safe toilet paper and ensure children don’t put items down in the toilet or drains.

2. Repeated Drain Issues

If your home has a specific drain that continues to experience clogs and other problems despite ongoing DIY service, a professional can diagnose what’s going on. You may have an inadequately sized drain or pipes. The goal is for a professional to find a solution that will be permanent so that you’re not frequently calling a plumber to make repairs for you. This saves you time and money in the future and provides you with peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is working the way it was designed to.

A common problem that occurs in many homes is having an incorrect bend in the plumbing system. This bend can lead to recurring clogs as debris builds up over time. Most scenarios such as this can be addressed by a plumber replacing the bend with either a larger pipe circumference or a differently angled bend.

3. Slow-Draining Issues

Slow drains can be caused by clogs or partial clogs, but other causes include mineral deposits, tree roots growing into the drains, and even soap scum. As water flow becomes more restricted, this can put your home at risk of major plumbing disasters. It’s imperative that you call in a professional as soon as you notice your drain is slowing down. If your plumbing system is at risk for issues caused by tree roots and other landscape concerns, a professional will alert you to what you can do to prevent problems.

Root barriers and other pipe-protection methods can be utilized. Root barriers are installed underground to prevent roots from being able to grow toward your home’s foundation and plumbing. If you have a tree that has already been growing for many years, this may not be a plausible option if the roots are already growing in many different directions.

Trenchless pipe repair is also an option. This eliminates the need to dig down into your yard to repair a drain issue. Small entry and exit points provide access to plumbers with minimal disruption to your yard.

4. Leaking Drain Pipes

A drain pipe that is experiencing leakage should always be promptly addressed by a professional. Even a small leak can quickly lead to a structural disaster. Mold can also grow quickly, which can be extremely dangerous to your health, causing allergies and respiratory issues. Unfortunately, some leaks are hard to spot at first. If you notice anything like water marks on your ceiling or walls, mold growth, or water bill spikes that don’t have a known cause, a drain leak may be to blame. A plumber can not only inspect your home for a drain leak, but they can also ensure that no complications have occurred because of the problem. Repairs will be made, and you’ll be back to using your plumbing safely and efficiently.

5. Problems With Your Sewer Lines

Your sewer line is closely related to your home’s drains. If your drains aren’t working properly, this can lead to issues with your sewer system. This isn’t something you want to neglect or try to repair on your own. Sewer backups and blockages are a health and sanitation risk that can affect not only your home but also the other homes that are around you. Watch out for strong odors coming from your drains or discolored material coming up from your drains. This can indicate a clog in your drain, but there may also be a problem further down in your sewer lines that’s causing odors to come back up. You can also check the sewer drains outside of your home to see if they are experiencing any backup.

6. Water Overflowing From Toilets and Fixtures

Water should only be moving in one direction within your plumbing system. If you notice that backflow or backups are occurring in areas of the home like toilets, sinks, and other fixtures, immediately call a plumber for assistance. You may also notice that your drains are producing a gurgling noise or draining slowly as well. Be careful in this situation. There may be contaminated water coming back into your home from your sewer system. Cease using your water until a professional can diagnose what’s going on.

7. Plumbing Breaks

Having physical breaks in your pipes is something that should be handled promptly by a professional plumber. There are a few reasons why a breakdown has occurred. A clog may have built up over time, or normal wear and tear may have led to weak points in your plumbing. Even changes in temperature can lead to a compromised plumbing system. A plumber will find the break and determine how much of the pipe needs to be removed and replaced. They will take appropriate steps to ensure that you don’t have any water leaking into different areas of your home while the work is being performed.

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